Sunday, September 29, 2013

Chapter Nine

WARNING: This chapter contains strong language and sexual content with pictures and nudity.

The night of the full moon has arrived at last. And this time, I’m ready for it.

It’s been a couple of weeks since Dominic and I had our little rendezvous in the hot tub, and I must admit that we bring it up often. But nothing bad or remorseful is ever expressed. To put it bluntly, it was the most erotic and intoxicating experience I’ve ever had in my life.

But right now, I have more important things on my mind.

It’s early afternoon now, and I already have everything I need for tonight’s ritual. I’m walking through the upstairs hallway, heading downstairs, when Dominic pops out of his bedroom, causing me to jump probably a foot in the air. He chortles and invites me into his quarters. Bewildered, I enter, trying not to gape at his sweating, chiseled abs glistening beneath his unbuttoned shirt, and his tousled hair that’s slightly grown out. He’s obviously been busy renovating in here.

It’s like looking at another world. Well, I guess that’s appropriate, considering that Dominic has lived in Australia all of his life. Traces of his heritage are everywhere, from the vibrant and exotic patterns to the lizards hanging on the wall, and even a fireplace. This is definitely the master bedroom of the house, and it’s worthy of the name. Especially since its “master” has said that he’s somewhat of a dominant in the sack.

“Wow, you really fixed this room up nice,” I state with awe. He grins and says, “Yeah, I wasn’t sure about the colors, but I figured I might as well work with them. I was just going to ask what you thought.”

“Well, I think you did an awesome job. It looks great, and definitely defines you. I can’t believe there’s a fireplace in a bedroom. I thought only millionaires had that luxury.”

As I continue to scrutinize the room, I realize that without Dominic, it would be unlikely that I’d ever reside in a place like this. The ambiance is breath-taking, and the fact that he’s letting me stay here rent-free and not even insisting I get a job is almost too good to be true.

But I figure some sort of reciprocation is in order.

“Do me a favor,” I command. “Sit on your bed for a minute.”


“Just do it.”

Dominic frowns at me, but he complies. I excuse myself, rummage through my dresser, find what I need, and return to Dominic’s room wearing a completely different outfit. I’ve also touched up my makeup and changed my hair. His eyebrows shoot up as he inquires, “What the hell are you doing?”

“I have a surprise for you. I want to thank you, so much, for letting me stay here, and for helping me out with Abel. I don’t have any money, but I can think of a couple of ways to thank you.”

“Oh? Like what?”

I wink at him and spot his radio. I switch it on, find a station, and start to sashay along to the music.

My body moves in rhythm to the beat, and I even go so far as to pretend to dance on a pole (I can’t do the real thing considering there’s no pole in here), which Dominic said I was welcome to do anytime I wanted.

Dominic whistles, obviously enjoying the show. I know I should be focusing on Ebony, but I deserve a little bit of fun. Besides, the way this guy makes me feel, for all I care, as soon as Ebony is back, I’ll forsake my powers if I have to.

I continue to grind against a chair (hopefully looking more seductive than awkward), until at last Dominic jumps up off the bed and wraps me in his arms.

His fingers graze my lips and I allow my eyelids to flutter closed.

“Do you have any idea how hot you look in that outfit?” he whispers in my ear. I shake my head, genuinely not sure.

“How about I show you?”

“Please do.”

With that, Dominic wastes no time. He kisses my neck, giving it little nips, and slowly begins to lower me onto the floor as his fingers tangle in my hair.

As we get closer to the floor, my knees growing weaker with each tantalizing kiss, Dominic smothers my mouth with his and I nearly topple over and collide into the chair.

I moan as his kisses become more urgent, more intense. His hands fondle every piece of me in my leather suit, which I bought a long time ago at a spur of the moment and never thought I’d use, always complimenting me on how sexy I look in it. I’m flattered that he thinks so. I’m not a pompous ass, but I do know that I didn’t come from an ugly tree.

Still, sexy as I may look in this attire, Dominic can’t stand it on me any longer. He begins to unzip it and I assist him. When I’m only in my underwear, he confesses, “I’d like to try something a little...possessive. Do you mind?”

He’s actually asking my permission. I’m floored by this, but I nod my consent after I tell him it’s only fair that he be as scantily clad as I am. I must say, his underwear sets off his package quite nicely. After tossing his heavy necklace to the side so it doesn’t hit me in the face (ouch), he leans over me, straddles me, and moves his hand to my neck.

He gently squeezes, not enough to hurt me, but enough so that I feel like he’s definitely trying to exert his power. I wish I could show him real power, but alas, that’s not something that will ever happen.

Dominic seems to be extra turned on by what he’s doing to me, but he never applies more pressure than I can stand. He doesn’t even get to the point of my boundaries where this is concerned. He just grinds into me, his erection throbbing through his boxer briefs, as he holds me by the neck to keep me in place.

Then, he lets go and his hands gently caress my face in a gesture I can only describe as romantic.

His fingers glide down my cheek, his eyes locking with mine. My heart begins to race faster, but I’m not sure what to make of it. In all honesty, it’s starting to frighten me. And the thrumming just continues when he slithers his fingers across my lips before inserting one into my mouth in an almost erotic gesture.

I’m about to ask him about these gestures that are so far from the description of a dominant and one who only wants a fuck buddy when he lets out one final grunt and asserts, “I want you. Now. Tell me you want me.”

“You know I do.”

“Say it. Say the words.”

“I want you, Dominic.”

“What do you want?”

“I want...”

I contemplate this for a moment. What do I want? Not just with Dominic, but with everything. I want my sister back. I want this moment to last forever. I want to be able to be with this man freely with no restrictions.

But I guess we don’t always get what we want.

So I settle for something simpler that I know he can give me.

“I want you to use your tongue.”


I grab his hand and place it on my aching groin. It aches for his touch, his, what’s the word? Love? Surely not. Still, it baffles me how well our bodies fit together in that hot tub. Like two long-lost puzzle pieces that have finally found each other.

As I’m thinking of this, Dominic has already removed my underwear. He unclasps my bra and gives each nipple a tug. I suck in my breath as he moves lower, and then his tongue finds me.

It swirls around and around, darts in and out, and his lips take turns sucking while his teeth gently bite. It’s beyond words, how good this makes me feel. I don’t last long.

“Oh God, Dominic, don’t stop!” I beg as I grip his hair. His tongue moves faster and I begin to writhe around, my body seizing out of control.

“Yes, fuck yes!” I cry. My moans rise to a crescendo, and with one final thrust of Dominic’s tongue and a pull of his hair, a wave of pleasure crashes over me until I call out his name.

Once I’ve found my release, I intend to repay Dominic, but he doesn’t give me the chance. He quickly strips his boxers off so that he’s also naked. His long, hard member is staring at me, eager to be inside me. And I welcome it with open arms. Er, legs.

Positioning himself over me once more, Dominic doesn’t grip my neck; instead, he kneels at my feet, pulls me up into a half-way sitting position, and enters me. I tilt my head back in ecstasy, savoring this new and intoxicating sensation.

This position allows for deeper penetration, and I can feel Dominic fill me up entirely. The way he moves is out of this world. It makes me wonder, did he learn these exotic moves in the Outback?

“You like that, sheila?” he grunts as he continues to bury himself in me.

“Yes, oh my God, yes,” I sigh in contentment. I hold onto his back, my nails digging into it dangerously. He doesn’t seem to notice; or, if he does, he doesn’t seem to mind. If anything, it seems to turn him on a little more.

“How much?” he prods, his thrusting not ceasing.

“So much, Dominic. It feels so good.”

“Tell me.”

“I did.”

He stops moving. “Tell me how good it feels.”

“Don’t stop.”

“Tell me!”

“It feels so good that I want you to fuck me like this all day,” I groan. “I don’t want you to stop. Now give it to me, damn it! Fuck me!”

Dominic bursts into laughter, obviously pleased with himself for making me beg, and resumes his thrusting. As rough as it is, he still maintains the same passion he had earlier when he leans in to kiss my neck tenderly.

I can feel myself on the brink, and it feels like he’s almost there too. His breaths are coming in quick gasps and his muscles are tensing up.

But just when we’re both about to climax, he stops again.

“What the hell?” I demand, suddenly angry. “God damn it, I said not to stop!”

“I know what you said. And I’m not done. I’ve got an idea.”

Dominic migrates to his dresser, extracts something, and then comes back over to me. When he unfolds his palm, I see that he’s holding a pair of handcuffs.

I can barely contain my excitement at this new experience that awaits me.

Dominic leans down and offers his hand to me. I furrow my brow at him but allow him to hoist me up.

He guides me to a door that leads into the master bathroom. We enter, and Dominic instructs me to step into the tub. I comply, and once I’m inside, he grabs my hands, pulls them behind my back, and slaps the handcuffs on. I’m now completely bound, and he pushes me against the bathroom wall (thank God it’s clean).

And then he resumes where he left off. I’ve never had sex standing up before, but, just like the position in the bedroom, this allows for deeper entry. I spread my legs wider to allow even more access, much to Dominic’s delight. He doesn’t even have to use his hands.

It doesn’t take us long after that to get off. We both cum in unison, our moans of satisfaction resonating off the tile. After that, Dominic runs a bubble bath for us and we slip in and, to my surprise but delight, cuddle.

He holds me tightly, his breath close to my ear. We lie there for a while, in the silence, until Dominic shatters it with another shock.

“Lydia,” he says, his voice much more gentle than when we were getting it on, “I think we should talk.”

“About what?”

“I know what you said about moving in here. I know the boundaries you stated. But I’m not sure I can handle them anymore.”

My eyes fly open. I’m not sure I like where this is leading.

“I’ve been thinking of us like friends with benefits,” he continues. “But lately, I’ve been thinking...why can’t we be more?”

Shit! I knew this was going to happen. I just had a feeling. And yet, I’m unprepared to give a response. What can I tell him? Not the truth, that’s for sure. And he knows I’ve been hurt in the past, and, like all guys, he swears he won’t do that.

“I...I just don’t think we can,” I mumble. “I’ve been hurt too much, and I know you say you’re different, but...”

“You can’t tell me you don’t feel some sort of connection to me. You can’t keep shoving it under the rug, Lydia.”

“Dominic, please. Don’t force me. I can’t do this.”

“Listen, I may like banging, but I’ve got feelings, too. And I don’t want to always be your fuck buddy. So figure out what you want, because I’m not just some guy who only wants sex. I know that may be hard to believe, but it’s true.”

I’m not sure what to say to this. But I figure at least part of the truth should soothe his ruffled feathers. So I sit up, straddle him, and hold his face in my hands as I gaze into his eyes.

“Dominic,” I tell him, “you’re a good man. And you deserve a good woman. You don’t want to get mixed up with me. I’m no good for you.”

“And who are you to decide what’s good for me?”

“Please, trust me. I don’t want to hurt you. And if what we have changes, I’m afraid that’s exactly what will happen.”

As he ponders this, I rise and step out of the tub. I wrap myself up in a towel, tell him I’m taking a nap, and bolt for my bedroom.

And once I’m there, I lie down on the couch, not even bothering to remove the towel, and start sobbing.


As the time comes closer to bring Ebony back, I’ve been confronted with a few new things. Such as, where will she live? I can’t afford to support her; I can’t even support myself, which is why I’m shacked up here with a sexy Aussie/Brit who’s acting as my landlord.

But I don’t have time to think about that now. The night of the full moon has finally arrived, and I won’t be deterred from my quest. Tonight, after two long years, I’ll have my little sister back. I’ll figure out the rest of the details later.

I did manage to take a nap, but the sleep was restless. I tossed and turned, my subconscious haunted with the events of the afternoon. I don’t know if Dominic came after me or not, but right now, that’s irrelevant. I have to stop being so dim-witted where he’s concerned. I have to stop letting him seduce me. The risks aren’t worth the pleasure.

Besides, I have more important things to attend to.

It’s nearly midnight when I leave the house, sneaking off to the abandoned graveyard where I conjured the moonstone. Dominic went to bed around ten, and surely he’s asleep by now.

Some witches perform this ritual in two parts – the first involves bringing back the soul, and they later return to allow the soul to once again reside in its original body, which will have the same condition and appearance as when it died. But I intend to perform the resurrection in its entirety tonight. Two years without my younger sister is too long, and I’m ready to rectify that.

The ingredients required are in a backpack on my shoulder, and once I arrive, I immediately begin to place them.

First, the pentagram. I’m so relieved that I was able to find an isolated place far enough away from Dominic’s house so the bright flashes of light that will undoubtedly ensue will go unnoticed.

Once the pentagram is in place, I arrange the ingredients on each of its edges, along with some burning candles to see by and add to the effect. Because Ebony was killed by fire, fire is also necessary to bring forth her spirit.

Once everything is in its proper position, I step back to admire my work. The moon is directly overhead, and I can see its bright light beaming down onto the earth. I light all the candles, double-check everything, and then withdraw a knife from my backpack. I crouch over the pentagram, close my eyes tightly, and cut a sizable slice out of my palm. Then, I let the blood flow and drip onto the fifth edge of the pentagram.

The pain isn’t as tolerable as I’d hoped it would be, and it takes more than just a few small drops of blood for this spell to work. But the result will be worth it. It’s a small price to pay for what’s about to transpire.

At last, I’m ready to begin. I stand up, take a deep breath, and begin the incantation.

The words flow from my lips as clearly as they have since I first started to memorize the spell two years ago. I can feel the magic coursing through my body, nature taking its course with the ingredients as it summons up the essence of my long and wrongfully dead sister.

As I recite the chant, the candles surrounding the pentagram magically extinguish their flames. A shower of light forms at the center of the star, originating from each of the ingredients. The light grows larger and more magnificent the farther I get into the spell.

But then something unexpected happens. Something I didn’t anticipate. Lightning flashes across the sky, striking a nearby tree. Clouds begin to congeal over the moon, turning the sky to an ominous shade of grey. I nearly lose my concentration in the turmoil that transforms the ambiance of the entire graveyard (which is really saying something).

Perplexed, the last words escape my lips. Then, just as quickly as it had come, the lightning disperses and the clouds part to reveal the bright moon again. When I gaze down to the pentagram, I can see the light changing colors, taking on a more fiery glow.

I take this to be a good sign, which is confirmed when the light takes on a shape. The shape is lying supine, but I can tell right away what it is. I don’t even have to take a closer step to confirm it.

The shape has combined all the ingredients on the pentagram and transformed itself into the essence and soul of...


The figure’s hands move, emanating a radiance unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I can tell that Ebony, or rather her soul, is still wearing the same dress she wore to her party on that fateful, tragic night two years ago. Her soul seems to be on fire, which I presume is because of how she died.

I didn’t expect the spirit to be able to perform cognitive functions, but I’m surprised once more, just as I was with the unforeseeable lightning, as my sister speaks to me, sounding not unlike she did when I last spoke with her.

“Lydia?” she asks me in bewilderment. “How is this possible?”

“It’s okay, Ebony. You’re safe now. You’re back.”

“But...I’m not me. I’m...”

“I cast a spell, and it brought your soul back. But to get your human form back, there’s still more to do.”

I step toward Ebony after withdrawing an elixir out of my backpack. I hand it to her and instruct her to drink it. She stares at the bottle with a look of dubiousness on her face. I assure her that it’s perfectly safe. At last, she tilts the bottle upward and downs it.

Ebony’s soul begins to blaze once more, and for one horrifying moment, I fear the worst. I fear that my efforts for the past two years have been in vain. After all, this spell hasn’t been attempted often, and most witches have failed.

But my fears are put to rest when the glow vanishes and in its place stands, in the flesh...



  1. She did it! She brought her sister back. I wonder what's going to happen now..

    1. Hi, Tiffany! Good grief, I didn't even see your comment; I guess that's what happens when I don't put the right email down in my settings. /facepalm Thanks for reading and commenting! Yep, she did manage to bring Ebony back. As for what will happen next, you'll find out on Wednesday! :)

  2. Yay! The spell worked and Ebony's back. This is so exciting!

  3. Wow, the spell worked. I hope there are no evil souls attached to Ebony....

    Poor Dominic... He really has it bad for Lydia.... Lydia now has to make some decisions.

    1. Yes, Dominic is quite taken with our protagonist. Hopefully bringing Ebony back won't cause any adverse effects...