Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Chapter Twenty-Two

WARNING: This chapter contains very explicit sexual content (could be classified as erotic), including pictures with full nudity, and strong language.

The cemetery isn’t that far from the house, but it feels like a hundred miles as my feet pound the ground.

When I arrive at last, I barrel into the house and call out for Dominic. I get no answer.

“Dominic!” I shout louder, my pulse banging in my ears. I steal a quick glance at the clock and see that it’s half past midnight.

Oh no. Am I too late?

“Dominic!” I scream at the top of my lungs. Where the fuck is he?!

“Lydia?” I hear him call suddenly. His voice is coming from above. I fly up the stairs and still hear him one level up. I race up to the third level rec room and find him…

...standing up and coming toward me with a frazzled face, but otherwise unharmed.

“Dominic!” I cry as I dash toward him and throw my arms around him. “Thank God you’re all right!”

“I’m fine. Lydia, what’s wrong? Are you all right? How did it go?”

“I did it, Dominic. I stopped her.”

“I knew you could.”

“And it’s after midnight and you’re okay. I made it in time. The curse didn’t take you.”

Dominic holds me close as he gazes into my eyes.

“Thank you,” he tells me sincerely. “You literally saved my life. I don’t know Ebony that well, but I do know that she’s, no offense, a huge bitch. I...”

“You doubted me?”

“No, that’s not what I meant. I’m trying to tell you that I was prepared to die. I didn’t think Ebony would give in so easily.”

“It wasn’t easy. I was so afraid that I would be too late. But I just kept thinking of how I couldn’t imagine living life without you. I refuse to do that. I love you, Dominic.”

“And I love you, too, Lydia. Thank you for keeping me safe.”

I’m overwhelmed with an intense feeling of relief. I must admit, I had my doubts as well. It’s a huge burden lifted off my shoulders knowing that I succeeded in my quest.

But Dominic suddenly cuts into my thoughts with a slight hint of guilt.

“Jesus Christ, Lydia,” he says, “I’m so sorry you had to sacrifice your powers, but I’m even more relieved that you put an end to Ebony’s ability to do shit like that.”

“So am I. Losing my powers is a small price to pay to stop her and to have you.”

Dominic closes the gap between us and clasps my hands in his. “So, you’re not a witch anymore?”

“No, not anymore. But I guess it’s a good thing. I don’t have to worry about hiding anymore.”

“True, but it means I’ve got the upper hand when it comes to power.”

“Oh? Why don’t you put it to use, then?”

“Is that a challenge?”

“No, more like a request.”

“So be it.”

Dominic wastes no time to smother me in kisses, and I eagerly return them, in celebration of the fact that we now have forever to be together. He begins tugging on my hair, transforming into his dominant side. Considering I’ve just exhausted all my power, I’m happy to let him take on that role right now.

As our make-out session intensifies, so do our desires. We migrate behind the desk, once again on the floor. I’m growing moist at the anticipation, of the knowledge that there are no longer any restrictions to keep us apart.

“So, you want me to tell you what I want?” Dominic huffs. I nod as I lick my lips seductively.

“All right, then. Sheila, I want to fuck you with my mouth.”

“Is that so?”

“Oh yeah.”

He quickly whips his shirt off over his head and slips off his pants and boxer briefs. His taut erection is waiting for me, already oozing the first signs of distinct arousal.

I shed my clothes as well and prepare to lean over him, but he surprises me yet again. He pushes me back down on the floor and climbs over me, thrusting his elongated dick in my face.

“Like this?” I ask him, baffled.

“Yeah, just like that, sheila. It’ll go deeper that way.”

Thank God I don’t have a very sensitive gag reflex. I reach around him and grab his perfectly taught ass as I insert his cock into my mouth.

He’s right – it does go deeper. I can tell he enjoys this as his panting increases. His hands dig into the rug as he grits his teeth, sucking in his breath.

“That’s it, sheila,” he moans. “Oh, fuck. Your mouth is like magic.”

I giggle at the analogy. He grins too as he looks down at me.

“Now that’s a hot sight,” he says. “Looking down and seeing you with my cock in your mouth. That’s so fucking hot.”

I suck while he’s staring at me and he lets out a groan.

“You’re playing with fire now,” he says. I suck a little more while he gyrates his hips, moving himself in and out of my mouth considering I can’t bob my head while it’s against the floor.

Then, he suddenly withdraws and instructs me to sit on my knees.

I suspect that he wants me to continue that way, but he surprises me again by positioning himself in front of me on the floor.

“What are you doing?” I ask him questioningly.

“You’ll see. Just be quiet and enjoy this.”

On that last word, he touches his tongue to my most sensitive area.

“Oh my God,” I gasp. This positioning allows fuller access for his tantalizing tongue. He grips the back of my thighs with an iron grip, thwarting my attempts to start thrusting about uncontrollably. It’s just too good. It feels so incredible, so amazing, and yet so intense that I realize I should have established a safe word.

“Dominic, what’s the safe word?” I hiss.

He looks up. “Seriously? You need a safe word?”

“It’s so good.”

“Sheila, I hate to break it to you, but I’ve never had to deal with a safe word before. Plus, I’m the one in control here. So here’s the deal – you cum for me once, really intense, and I’ll stop.”

“I want to cum, Dominic.”

“Say it, sheila. Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to make me cum.”

He teases me at first, even moving me to the other end of the carpet as though that will affect the pleasure. At last, he resumes his licking and sucking, covering my entire nether regions with his hungry mouth. I start screaming at the top of my lungs, so loudly that if we had neighbors, they’d think I was in some sort of physical pain.

“Oh God, Dominic, don’t stop!” I squeal. One final lick sends me careening over the cliff of ecstasy. I explode in Dominic’s mouth, and he thirstily laps it up.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about,” he says, obviously pleased with himself as he reaches up to grasp my breasts.

Then, he reverses his prone position and sets me on top of him.

But he doesn’t have me facing him. Instead, he faces me toward his feet and puts his tongue to work again.

“Fuck!” I gasp. I thought he was done with this teasing cunnilingus. This position allows for an even more intense sensation, especially since my clit is so sensitive.

I decide to pay Dominic back. I’m no stranger to the sixty-nine position, but it’s been a while since I’ve engaged in it. So while he’s swirling his tongue around, I bend down and fuck him with my mouth some more.

I can tell that he enjoys this considering his reaction. He starts moving his hips again, allowing his dick to go further into my mouth, almost to the point of angering my gag reflex.

I find my release once more, and again he laps it up. I start to climb off of him, but he holds me in place.

“I want you on top of me, sheila,” he orders me. “I want you to ride me.”

I start to turn around, but he retains his firm grip.

“No, no. We’re gonna try something different.”

He leaves me in the position where I’m facing his feet. Then, he helps guide his erection inside me.

“Holy shit,” I gasp. This is yet another first for me. I’ve never had sex reverse cowgirl style before. Now I can see what all those women in Cosmo magazine are talking about.

“You like this, don’t you?” Dominic asks as he bounces me up and down.


“Don’t be afraid. You take control.”

Dominic stops moving. I take the reins, so to speak, and begin moving on my own. He’s still letting me have some control, even though he’s playing the dominant here.

It’s kind of gentlemanly, in a kinky sort of way.

My boobs are bouncing around like two basketballs as I pick up momentum and he matches the rhythm. I can’t believe I’ve gone for twenty-six years without knowing how good sex could feel.

I feel like I’m about to have another earth-shattering orgasm, but Dominic stops and spins me around again. Now I’m facing him and we resume our carnal activities.

Seeing our faces mirroring such pleasure is a turn-on for both of us. It adds to the sensation when Dominic grasps my neck with one hand and holds my legs apart with the other.

It doesn’t take long for me to explode around him once more. He simultaneously finds his release. We call out each other’s names in ecstasy as we collapse even more into the rug.

As I lay there next to Dominic in my post-coital bliss, I realize how truly blessed I am. I had my doubts about many things, but now I know things are going to be fine.

Despite all that I feared and all the shit I’ve endured, I still have a happy ending.

At least, that’s what I think for another month. Because one day, as I’m returning home from grocery shopping, I discover the most traumatizing thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life.

And considering what I’ve been through, that’s really saying something.


  1. :o You can't end it like that! Omg..I had a bad feeling once I started reading this. I knew it was just too perfect. Is Eboni back? Is Dominic evil?

    1. Me and my evil cliffhangers! hehehe What's going on? It could be anything! But you'll find out on Sunday! :) Thanks again for reading and commenting!

  2. Thank goodness Dominic was ok.
    I am now worried what Ebony has done. Has she turned to something like voodoo, creating potions, zombies, plague? :( Oh no.

    1. LOL! Yes, who knows what Ebony has on her mind now? Dominic is okay, but will that be enough?