Sunday, October 6, 2013

Chapter Eleven

WARNING: This chapter contains very explicit/detailed sexual content with pictures, nudity, and strong language.

Another week passes, and things have been going great. Ebony has been searching for a job every day, and I continue to take care of the house. And Dominic hasn’t pressed the issue of our “relationship” again.

I’m in the kitchen right now, filling the sink to wash the dishes. Suddenly, I hear footsteps behind me. Before I can spin around, I feel a masculine hand cup my breast.

“Dominic!” I exclaim as the dishwater sloshes onto the counter from the sink. “What are you doing?”

“I thought about going out to find a job, but then I thought, I don’t need some dead-end job. I’ve worked my ass off enough in Australia; it’s time to have some fun with life.”

“Okay, well, that’s great.”

“And right now, I want to have some fun with you.”

I turn the water off as his hands enclose around my waist, yet don’t touch it.

I feel the familiar hammering of my heart inside my chest. It’s been a while since we’ve had the house to ourselves what with Ebony being here.

Still, I have to ask, “Why? You said before...”

“I said for you to make a decision. But right now, I don’t care. I’m not in a boyfriend mood right now. I haven’t had you to myself in a while thanks to your sister being here, no offense, and my hand and a cold shower ain’t gonna do it.”

“So, right now, my decision...”

“I don’t care. I still want one eventually, but right now, I just want you.”

“And how do you want me?”

“I want to fuck you right here in this kitchen.”

He’s always so direct and abrupt. And it’s always such a turn on. My breathing increases in ecstasy as I whirl around to face him, deciding to take advantage of the privacy we so rarely have anymore.

“Is that so?” I grin mischievously. At first, there’s no trace of teasing on Dominic’s face. Just pure, undeniable lust. But then he can’t suppress a smirk of his own as he shakes his head. “You’re too much, Lydia,” he says. “What am I going to do with you?”

“I have no idea. I guess that’s part of the excitement – the unknown.”

“Well, I remember when I first told you that I was attracted to you, that I wanted to bend you over the counter. And right now, that’s what I’m gonna do.”

“So stop talking and do it.”

Dominic and I both love a challenge, and we’re always challenging each other. It turns us both on when we give the other an order. Which is why Dominic reaches out to my arm, grabs it and pulls me into him, then sets me down on the counter beside the sink.

He gazes tenderly into my eyes, and for a brief moment, all the lust is gone. Only passion and romance seems to remain, just like before. What does this mean?

 But that look quickly disappears as he covers my lips in an intense kiss. I feel his tongue immediately, seeking entry. I grant this wish eagerly. Our make-out session goes on for a seemingly long time before Dominic finally pulls me off the counter and begins to spin me around as he cups my breast.

He squeezes hard, but not too hard, just enough to give me the right amount of pleasure to moan. He quickly pulls my shirt over my head and begins fondling me through my bra while burying his face in my hair, inhaling the fruity scent of my perfume.

My nipple grows erect, as does the telltale swelling that tents the front of his shorts. I can’t believe we’ve only had sex twice; the way he’s making me feel now, with hardly any effort, is, for lack of a better word, ensorcelling.

“I want you to do something for me,” Dominic breathes into my ear before teasing it with his tantalizing tongue.

“What is it?” I gasp.

“I want you on your knees, sheila. I want to cum in your mouth this time. Don’t worry, we’ll still have plenty of time for the main event.”

I reach behind me and grip his throbbing erection. I slowly sink down, undressing him and kissing his taut chest as I do, before landing at the top of his happy trail. I look him in the eyes as I slowly, seductively, tortuously unbutton and unzip his shorts. I can tell that he’s impatient, but at the same time, very aroused by the delay.

I tease him a little at first, swirling my tongue around the tip of his impressive member. He grips my head in anticipation until finally the roles are reversed – I’m now in control and he’s the one begging.

“Come on, sheila,” he quips, which just turns me on more. “Suck me off.”

I love when grown men beg like this. Just knowing that I have the power, so to speak, to make him feel this good and beg for more is making me even more aroused. But I figure he’s been teased long enough. I kiss the tip once more, slide my tongue up and down the shaft, before finally inserting his rock-hard dick into my mouth.

Dominic sucks in his breath and grips the side of my head even harder. I start off slow, adding to the seduction, before beginning to move my head up and down faster, swirling my tongue all around.

“Fuck yes, sheila,” he says in that irresistible accent. And the way he says my nickname, oh! It’s to die for!

“That’s it,” he coaxes, his hands and hips matching the rhythm of my head. “Suck it, baby, suck it!”

I suck it so hard that even I begin to feel the erotic effects. My underwear is still on, but it’s damp from stimulation. It’s amazing how much pleasure I can get from giving pleasure to someone else.

“Almost there, sheila, almost there,” Dominic groans. I can feel his muscles tightening and I know his release is imminent.

“Fuck!” He lets go, his climax shooting into my mouth and down my throat. I lap up the milky fluid eagerly.

“That was amazing, Lydia,” he pants. His cock is starting to go soft, so he grips it and begins to stroke it.

“You still like watching, don’t you?” he asks me, his voice sounding slightly amused.

“It’s hot to see you pleasure yourself,” I reply.

“Well, don’t worry, I’ll be hard again in a minute. And I’m finally gonna bend you over this counter.”

I decide to aid him in this endeavor. I peel off my underwear, exposing my nether region. Then, I lick the tip of my index finger and insert it.

“You’re playing with fire now,” Dominic says in a now gruff voice as he strokes himself faster. I continue to touch myself while he watches me until at last he’s no longer flaccid. He reaches down into his shorts pocket and withdraws a condom. I’ve told him that I’m on birth control, but neither of us wants to take any chances.

After rolling it on, Dominic pulls me up by my hand, turns me around, and enters me from behind.

I’ve had sex in this position before, but not in an open kitchen on a counter. This public location gives off the possibility of getting caught, and it just adds to the excitement. And because we’re alone, I don’t hesitate to scream as Dominic rams into me from behind.

“Keep going!” I demand. “Harder, harder! Give it to me!”

“You like it rough, don’t you?”

“Fuck yes! Come on Dominic, fuck me!”

I can feel my impending release. I call out Dominic’s name as my orgasm courses through me and syncs with his.

But something else happens simultaneously as well. As the endorphins release themselves in my brain, resulting in the earth-shattering climax, the lights actually flicker and temporarily go out, before finally coming back on once we’re both slumped over the counter.

“What the fuck?” Dominic inquires.

“I have no idea,” I reply, but I’m reminded of the odd lightning strike that happened the night I resurrected Ebony.

That’s a pressing question in my mind, but there’s another one that’s more urgent that I need to address. As Dominic and I get dressed, I try to make sense of some things. Are we just friends with benefits? It seems to be that way. I thought I’d be okay with it, but this exotic man has me intoxicated. I find myself thinking of him before I fall asleep at night, and not just because of the mind-blowing sex. I think of how kind he’s been to me, coming to my aid with Abel and then offering me a free place to live, that place being a gorgeous estate that I never dreamed I’d reside in. And he’s even letting my sister stay with us as well with no charge.

Underneath his ruggedly handsome good looks and his ability to be flawless in bed, Dominic Taylor is a downright good guy. I’ve only slept with him three times (though I guess “sleeping” is the wrong word to use) and when I think of him, I hardly replay those events in my mind because I’m too focused on his other good attributes. I also can’t help thinking how funny it is that we haven’t once had sex in a bed. It’s been on the floor and in the shower, and now the kitchen counter. But never a bed.

But there’s not much time to contemplate that as I come to a realization. I realize, with a somewhat sinking and frightened heart, that to me, we’re no longer just friends with benefits. I can’t deny it any longer. I’m falling for this man, and I’m falling hard.

And I’m about to fall down onto the floor even harder, because as I’m fastening my bra, Ebony herself walks through the door, a look of shock on her face.


  1. Didn't Lydia mention she'd give up her powers to be with Dominic? After this chapter I can see her doing just that. Ebony has been resurrected now so I don't see why not. They fit each other so well. And I just KNEW Ebony would walk in on them lol, I just thought it would have been sooner. Looks like Lydia and Dominic have some explaining to do.

    1. Yep, that's what Lydia has planned. She has nothing to lose if she gives up her powers now that Ebony is back. Of course, the only real issue is if Dominic discovers her secret. If he doesn't, she won't have to worry about it. :) And yes, they both owe Ebony an explanation! haha Thanks for reading and commenting again!

  2. The main character has the same name as me :D I already like her

    1. LOL! What a coincidence! Well I love that name, it's a very pretty one. :) Thanks for checking out the story!

  3. Ooops, if Ebony was just a few seconds early, she would have walked in on something explosive! LMAO.

    Those two and their chemistry, clearly it can't be contained, Eb needs to find her own place fast!

  4. LOL Yes, that was very awkward indeed! Hopefully she won't make a big deal out of it. She's technically the guest...:D