Character profiles for this story. More will be revealed as they're introduced.

Lydia Brewster
Lydia is a witch who has one goal - to bring her dead sister, Ebony, back to life. Lydia believes that Ebony was wrongfully killed in a fire, and she's determined to bring her back. Such a spell is very difficult and few witches have succeeded in their pursuit to resurrect loved ones. But Lydia is bound and determined to accomplish this task.

However, she's finding herself becoming more and more distracted with the handsome new neighbor across the hall. She feels herself falling for him, which could lead to dire consequences. For a witch cannot love a mortal without some sort of cataclysmic effect.

What will she do? Follow her blood devotion, or her heart?

Dominic Taylor
Dominic is the handsome new tenant living across the hall from Lydia. However, his stay is only temporary, as he's waiting for filed paperwork to come through so he can live in his grandparents' manor. Born and raised in Australia, he has both Aussie and British genes, which gives him an accent that women find irresistible. It doesn't hurt that he's easy on the eyes, too.

But Dominic has secrets of his own, and he's not completely willing to share them. And despite her best efforts, Lydia can't help but try to unveil them, even though it could cost her everything she's ever known and is trying to accomplish.

Will Dominic come between Lydia and her goals? Or will they both give into their desires and risk the consequences?

Ebony Brewster
Ebony is Lydia's younger sister, and she's also a witch. However, on the night of her twenty-first birthday party, she was killed in a tragic accident. Her older sister, however, doesn't believe it was an accident at all, and she's willing to do anything to bring her sister back.

If she succeeds, Lydia and Ebony will once again be inseparable, as they're more than sisters - they're best friends. But there are secrets about Ebony that haven't been dispelled. Will Lydia discover those secrets? Or will she fail in her quest and fall prey to the seduction of someone who could possibly be her soul mate, leaving Ebony to remain gone for eternity?

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